11 New Coffee Flavors To Try In 2019

With the weather cold outside, nothing keeps you warm on the inside like a hot cup of coffee. To kick off 2019 we want to introduce you to 11 of our favorite flavors this season:

Light Roasts

Gentle Giant

There’s a giant that lives in the heart of every hard-working American, and you deserve a coffee that gives you the fuel you need, and the flavor your deserve. These 100% Costa Rican beans are finely roasted to enrich their natural smooth flavors. Beans so magical you’d think Jack himself used them to grow his beanstalk. Well, there’s no giant in this story, other than the giant flavor of awesomeness you’ll experience with every cup. 

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Burly Bird

Oh the glorious sounds of birds chirping in the morning. As they beckon from outside your window, your taste buds begin salivating for that first cup of coffee to start your day. Wake yourself up and put a spring in your step with a rich, smooth, and delicious cup of Burly Bird. These high altitude, 100% Peruvian specialty beans deliver a delicate array of juicy, fruity, caramel goodness. We like this one so much we've made it available in medium and dark roasts too! 

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The Lumberjack

Dirty and calloused hands, or smooth and manicured - makes no difference who’s holding a cup of The Lumberjack. You’ll want to put the axe down long enough to enjoy these finely roasted high altitude beans from Guatemala. The Lumberjack packs a powerful punch of intense flavors to create a rich and sweet balanced cup.  

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Medium Roasts

The Smackdown

Sounds like this coffee was taken straight out of a wrestling match! We’re not saying this coffee will knock you out, but… the bold, creamy, chocolaty richness will deliver a nice little pile drive to the mouth for the ultimate smackdown of coffee goodness. 100% high altitude, specialty coffee beans sourced from Guatemala, lightly roasted to perfection. This is a balanced and bold cup that will keep you going strong in the ring all day long. 

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The Grizzly

If you need a bold coffee to tame that wild, intense, need for fuel - The Grizzly is the choice for you. These sweet, savory, smooth freshly roasted specialty coffee beans are derived from the mountains of Colombia. You’ll experience the savage rich flavors with every cup. If you’re ready to unleash the beast, The Grizzly is your choice. 

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Burly Bird Medium Roast

One of the most popular flavors, hence why it’s offered in different roasts. For the “what do you mean the alarm clock rang already!?!” individual, you may just want to consider this exotic blend in a Medium Roast. 

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Dark Roasts

Tough As Nails

Whether you dig ditches, swing a hammer or work in a nice climate controlled cubicle, this bag of goodness is for every man and woman that makes America great. Tough break, tough day at work, tough times….but there’s nothing tougher than a hard working American and we’re proud to offer you the best tasting cup of coffee sourced from 100% Costa Rican beans. Smooth and delicate, yet bold rich flavors will make your taste buds dance. This bag is so good that it brings tears to a glass eye. 

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Burly Bird

Our most popular flavor, roasted to heavenly goodness for the toughest of people. While your spoon may not stand straight up in your cup, it might come pretty darn close with this savory Peruvian specialty. 

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Brawny Brew

Man and woman will find this tantalizing taste bud powerhouse to be their coffee of choice. Burly’s mama was a brawny broad that brewed the best batch of Burly Man Coffee. We’ve taken her prize roasting tradition and packed it in to the finest roasted 100% high altitude specialty Colombian beans. Vibrant, bold, yet understated - this roast is full of rich, sweet, and intense flavor.

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Just because your cup isn’t full of a caffeine jolt, doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than a mountain full of flavor. We sent out a little team of special forces Oompa Loompa’s to brave the mountains of Peru, fighting off wild Pumas to extract the most prized coffee beans. We’ve taken what their little heroic hands have harvested and perfectly roasted a sweet, smooth, rich flavorful coffee with big taste. Nah, just kidding. We didn’t have any Oompa Loompa’s but we did get our hands on prized coffee beans and we’ve developed the perfect roast for a decaffeinated cup of greatness. The Braveheart delivers the smooth, full bodied flavor you’re looking for.

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Fancy little Espresso cups can’t hold the rich, bold flavors of this mighty blend. We’ve taken a high altitude specialty coffee from Guatemala and extracted sweet, deep, rich flavors and paired it with the clean, smooth, delicate flavors from a specialty high altitude bean from Peru. This blend will make you want to chop a tree, build a fire, kill a boar, AND hug your puppy, knit with your granny, and dance in the rain all at the same time. Axpresso is the perfect blend, roasted to perfection, delivered right to your cup.

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Order any of these flavors as a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for yourself or as a gift for someone else today.

Luke Gibbons is a experienced marketer and hails from Melbourne, Australia - the coffee capital of the world - at least until Burly Man Coffee came along.