An outpouring of kindness

In the past few days our Burly Man Coffee Giving Back Episode 1 video has gained a lot of attention in the press. This is a story of Celeste, a single mom from Florida and her severely autistic, non verbal son, Logan. We helped change her world with one big surprise gift!

You can watch the video here.

Since the press attention, we've been overwhelmed by the amount of people from all over this beautiful country that have contacted us to encourage, support, volunteer, donate, or get on board with our mission to support single moms in need and their children. Even non-coffee drinkers are lining up to show their support and donate to the cause.

Every day we are bombarded with negative stories of conflict, chaos, division, etc. It's tiresome. This outpouring of support is a great reminder that there are people with truly kind hearts, moved with compassion to help those in need. No one is concerned or refuses to buy our coffee if we are helping a certain race or religion of single mothers. None of that matters. They want to help because they care about the suffering of their fellow Americans. That's what it's all about.

So, as I sit here and sip on my cup of Gentle Giant, I'm reminded of Proverbs 14:21, "He who despises his neighbor sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy."

It is good to be a kind human. Blessings to you all and thank you for supporting Burly Man Coffee.

If you love a premium quality cup of coffee, roasted and delivered fresh, check out Join the club and help support struggling single mothers and their children. Be kind. Drink great coffee.