Burly Man Coffee, a South Florida based subscription coffee company claims there is a dangerous agenda to shame American men with a message on “toxic masculinity.” The company is fighting back with a strong and vocal position against the agenda and they’re using the most unlikely way to get the job done; by donating their profit to helping struggling single mothers. In March 2019, they kicked off their charitable giving by donating a car to a single mom from Lake Worth.  Their goal is to donate 100 cars to single mothers.

Celeste Bokstrom, is a full-time caretaker for her severely non-verbal, autistic 16-year-old son, Logan. Celeste has spent 4 years without a vehicle, making it difficult to buy groceries or get to doctors’ appointments. It took her two years to save enough money to purchase a used car online. It’s when she went to register the vehicle that she learned the car was stolen.

“I was shocked and extremely disappointed. It took me a long time to save up enough money to buy a car. I lost it all in a moment. I was devastated,” remarked Celeste.

Burly Man Coffee learned about Celeste’s struggles and decided to take action, gifting her with a car, an iPad for her son to communicate, and many other resourceful tools for his care. Celeste was also given a shopping spree and a makeover. The company released a video about Celeste’s story and her jaw dropping reaction to getting a new car. You can watch it here:

Mike Cohen, Director of Center for Brain in Jupiter, Florida partnered with Burly Man Coffee to provide Logan with Neurofeedback therapy. Through this innovative technology, Mr. Cohen has helped autistic individuals be able to speak and he’s improved the quality of life for numerous people suffering from brain trauma.

Celeste was shocked when she was awarded these gifts. “I had no idea this was going to happen to me. I had faith and believed that God knew my struggles, but I never expected this. Receiving a car has changed my world. And Logan is now getting the help he deserves. I’m so grateful. Burly Man Coffee has changed our lives for the better.”

Jeremy Wiles, owner of Burly Man Coffee, said, “Coffee is our craft, and helping people is our passion. But, I’m also sick of turning on the TV and hearing the far left political and social warriors push their toxic masculinity message in our faces. Not all men are barbaric, sexist, misogynistic, racist monsters. We wanted a way to share our passion for great coffee and help others, but also push back against this dangerous agenda that targets men. So, we started Burly Man Coffee. We associated the term being “Burly” with being a man who is brave, kind, generous, and patriotic. Our brand represents every hard-working American whose virtues have more value than the toxic agenda being shoved in their faces. We’ve been astounded at the level of support we’ve received since launching Burly Man Coffee in December 2018. The fast-growing number of people joining the coffee club is a clear indicator that people appreciate great coffee and want to partner with a company that uses their hard-earned dollars to represent their values.”

The company has released several comedic videos online featuring a bearded “Burly Man” character to deliver their strong political and social messages.  The videos have quickly gone viral. (Watch videos on YouTube)

Co-owner, Tiana Wiles said they chose single mothers as their mission because she was raised by a single mom and knows the difficulties and challenges they face. “There are single moms barely staying afloat because some men have abandoned ship. Burly Man Coffee has stepped up to fill in the gap and provide relief by meeting their most critical needs. This is an opportunity to demonstrate what real men do; they take care of those in need. If we can change the life of a mother and her child for the better, then we are doing something right."

The company encourages people to join their monthly coffee subscription club at, as a way to receive premium roasted coffee, but also help fund their mission to give away 100 cars to single mothers.

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