The hypocrisy of the left and their toxic agenda

We’ve said a lot lately about our position against the far-left agenda to label masculinity as toxic. Here’s where we stand. Masculinity isn’t toxic. You can be masculine and still respect women. Let’s talk about what is toxic.

1. Sexualizing women to endorse or sell products. That’s toxic.

2. Telling women they have a right to what happens to their body, but silencing and shaming women who believe they don’t have a right to kill the human growing inside. That’s toxic.

3. Bullying and humiliating strong, vocal, conservative women who believe in the right to bear arms to protect them against predators; that’s toxic.

4. Implying to young girls that the only way to be recognized as a strong, independent, intelligent woman is to be a man-haters-club card carrying member. That’s toxic.

You can be a manly man and not fear being toxic. Shoot a deer, wrestle with your neighbor, grow a beard or shave it off, climb a tree, cut down a tree, hold a door open for a lady, and use endearing words like ma’am. These are fine and dandy, but none of them makes you more or less of a man, and certainly not a toxic one.

Real men respect women. Real men love their wives and their mamas. Real men take care of their family. Real men are providers. Real men protect our freedoms and those they love. The strength of a real man is found in their kindness and compassion towards others.

We think there’s a lot of hypocrisy spewed from the radical left. You can’t exploit women, shame the ones who don’t think like you do, then wag your finger at men as the culprit of a toxic culture. It’s time to look in the mirror and face the beast you created.

There are other coffee companies that claim to be conservative but sexualize women to sell their brand. Starbucks is pouring their profit into the abortion industry. Why do we ignore the elephant in the room and as Christians with values that we care about, keep putting money in their pockets? Just because we enjoy their overpriced, mediocre, trendy brands?

At Burly Man Coffee we’re putting our money where our mouth is, so that good folks can put their mouth where their values are. We use our profit to support single mothers and their children. We support life. We take a stand against any agenda that shames or tries to silence our faith, freedom, and values.

Do you value life? Does supporting struggling single mothers sound like a worthy cause?  Are you tired of your money funding filth, profanity, the sexualization of women, and agendas that don’t align with your beliefs?  Start supporting businesses that do! Join the Burly Man Coffee club, drink great coffee and feel good about where your hard-earned dollars are being spent.

Be kind. Drink great coffee.