We're giving away a years supply of coffee!

Burly Man Coffee is on a nation-wide search to award fathers who represent what it means to be a burly dad. We've asked people to submit a video on Facebook telling us why their father represents epic burliness. We'll award the selected fathers with a year subscription to premium, world-class roasted coffee.

It takes more than just a grizzly beard and a plaid shirt to make you burly. Owner Jeremy Wiles said, “Being burly represents strength of character. How you treat others, the kind things you do for those in need, working hard, and living with integrity and honesty are at the core of being burly.”

Burly Man Coffee has a mission to support struggling single mothers. We use our  profit to fund our mission. Recently, we donated a car to a struggling single mother and her severely autistic, nonverbal son in Lake Worth, FL. You can watch the video here.

We made a pledge to donate 100 cars to single mothers across the nation.

Jeremy and Tiana announced on June 6, 2019 they wanted to recognize and award the fathers, the unsung heroes whose lives have exemplified being burly. They’ve asked for people to submit a video nominating a burly dad by telling a story of why they think their father deserves this Father’s Day award.

Nominations are being accepted on our Facebook page until 12pm on Father’s Day June 16th. A winner will be announced on the Burly Man Coffee Facebook page.

For more information, contact us!